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June, 2005 - Nr. 6


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Festival of Chefs
at the Cheese Boutique

  The commemorative platter plateEvery weekend during the whole month of May local celebrity "Chefs" were invited to participate in this festival. Here is where they can be introduced to a wider public and given a chance to dazzle the visitors with their culinary expertise and delights.

Festive table settingHosting this type of event was the idea of Fatos Pristine, the owner of the Cheese Boutique. When he relocated from the rather crowded premises in the Bloor West Village, in June 2000, he made it a point to create a unique shopping experience at the new location at 45 Ripley Avenue, and a culinary jewel just off the foot of the South Kingsway, in Toronto.

Brian Borke & Michael Dixon from JK Winebar

Special selectionsNeedless to say he has succeeded admirably. The selections in his establishment leave little to be desired. Cheeses, meats, wines, baked goods, condiments etc. – if you can think of it, Fatos most likely has it in his extraordinary store, plus a lot more!

Extraordinary was also the selection of ‘Guest Chefs’ picked for this year’s nine outstanding events: David Lee - SPLENDIDO; Christine Cushing – TV FOOD NETWORK; Mathew Sutherland – FAT CAT BISTRO; Marc Thuet – THUET CUISINE; Jamie Kennedy – JK WINEBAR (more about him further along); Donna Dooher – THE COOKWORKS / MILDRED PIERCE; Jonathan Gushue – TRUFFLES; Massimo Capra – MISTURA (I introduced him last year already) and Lino Collevechio – VIA ALLEGRO, a really great line-up!

On Sunday, the 15th of May, I attended the festival and watched Jamie Kennedy’s team – Brian Burke and Michael Dixon – prepare the day’s special feast. It was a celebration of mushrooms and herbs on a bed of crisp French fries with spices and Parmesan cheese, an enchanting combination and a delight to sample.

Jamie Kennedy (c.) and his team

Eager to tasteA number of special guests are also invited on each of these occasions and are served wonderful and select tasty Italian cuisine by Modesta Pristine, Fatos’ wife and the spirit behind the throne (or oven) – so to say!

On this second "Festival of Chefs" some of the invited celebrity guests were: Tyler Steward (Barenaked Ladies rock group); Ben Chin (Toronto One TV); Christine Cushing (Christine Cushing Live); James Chatto (Toronto Life Magazine); Jacob Richler (National Post Newspaper); Mr. & Mrs. Simmons (Vineyard Estate Wines) and Dr. Infusino from the Italian Trade Commission.

Try our "Rosé"The wine chosen to accompany this feast and freely sampled by the many visitors was a delicious Rosé from the Malevoir Estate Winery and it was of course served in Riedel crystal stemware supplied by "The Wine Establishment Ltd.", Canada’s oldest and most trusted wine In conversation with Ralph Neumeisteraccessory and wine storage provider. A commemorative platter was proudly displayed in the cooking area to celebrate the "Second Coming" of this festive event. A great anniversary celebration in the fall is also on the horizon – so watch this space and be prepared to celebrate with the Pristine family and the Cheese Boutique.



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