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June, 2005 - Nr. 6


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From the Locker Room

Now that the hockey season is done and sun is coming out, I have realized something that is proving to be a major change in how I operate. I am starting to realize the importance of contacts, in other words, people u know or can use to further yourself and anything u are pursuing. Interesting how u can find out something quite amazing about a person just by communicating with them and increasing agreement and understanding between the two of you.

I have found myself using this tool and finding out the importance of this in everyday living. I have now found one fellow hockey player that is getting me hockey sticks that u normally can pay up to $250 for around $80, and also getting me a great discount on a gym membership so he and I can train together using his personal trainer for free! He also knows quite a few people and has been helping me get to various skates that are very good callibur, which is just what I need!

I now have someone who can repair any of my equipment at very low expense. I had a little accident in my car a while back and had to get a new bumper and fender that is a different color than my car, it is now going to get painted at a deal that u can only get by having contacts!! Many different guys who have been in the hockey business who are giving me great advice and guidance. Once again I stress the importance of getting into communication with your fellow man and doing so with high affinity and interest.

You never quite know what you may find from someone you strike up a conversation with, and the more you do this the more you will find. Not only is it a good thing to be friendly and have many people that one can converse with, you will also find how eager some people will be to do what they can to help. Visa versa as well, you never know what you yourself can do to help another. Many sayings in many religions and groups through time have stated this basic principle "Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You"

This is a very valuable way to operate and you might be amazed at how things can open up for you just by following a basic principle like this. I have seen it happen for me and hope I keep running into people who have this same concept. We live among people, we rely on people, we need people, what goes around comes around I always say and the more we stick together and help eachother out the easier and happier life will actually be!

Things are exciting at this point of my life, and I am looking to be playing in Europe professionally for the upcoming year. I am not quite sure where yet, but as I create more and more contacts doors are opening up for me, and it’s all really exciting and different. And hey if anyone out there knows of a team looking for a young enthusiastic hockey player let me know!!!


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