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June, 2005 - Nr. 6


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Zurich Connection


Elisabeth KuehnWarsaw magic

05. 05. 05.

Jo-Anne Van der Vat, Choral Director of the American School of the Hague believed that this was no coincidence; 05, 05, 05, and that magic would be made during the 3 day AMIS (Association for Music in International Schools) SSA Middle School Honour Choir festival in Warsaw, Poland, May 5-7, 2005.

The American School of Warsaw’s theatre, filled with the eager glow of 80 Middle School girls from 13 different schools and representing over 25 different nationalities, was ready to be dazzled with literal voices of the world. Jo-Anne Van der Vat’s magic was ready to begin. Non nobis domine (William Byrd) to begin the morning in a circle of sound around the theatre, whether it be "here", "there", "up" or "down", the girls’ reaction to the enthusiastic and inspiring direction was exemplary. Rehearsing middle schoolers for 6 hours a day is certainly no easy feat and Jo-Anne proved with musicality and style that, at the heart of the festival, a deep and fundamental knowledge, understanding and love and philosophy of music education was the core of this developmental experience for all those involved: singers, conductor, accompanist, directors and organizers.

Fundamental to the programme for this year’s festival was the commemoration of the end of WWII and the disaster at Auschwitz. A single girl’s voice rang through the choir in a powerful manner When I am Silent (Joan Varner ). Saturday evening’s concert rang through with power, showing that Every man has a name (Gary Cramer) and that they should not be overlooked nor forgotten.

In traditional AMIS style, homage was paid to the host country of Poland; Lulajze Jezuniu, lulajze, lulaj (Polish Carol, arr. Valerie Shields) Jo-Anne’s magic was ringing through with abandon worthy of an Endless Night (from the Lion King) awakened by the sun rising and shining through the faces of the musical 6th-8th graders. Giving way to soaring like a bird in the sky, composer Gary Cramer’s arrangement of I wish I knew how it would feel to be free, led to a soulful uplifting end to an intense three day ritual of music-making and solidifying international friendships.





By 07.05.05, Music had really Spread Thy Voice Around (G. F. Handel) and will continue to resonate in hearts and memories of all those that were able to be touched by the many voices and personalities around! Congratulations to all of the participants of the 2005 AMIS SSA Middle School Honour Choir, Warsaw Poland!


Yours in song,

Elizabeth Kuehn

Music Director
Inter-Community School Zürich


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