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June, 2005 - Nr. 6


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More Celebrations in Praise
of good Relations

  Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

While nearly every European country had something to celebrate in May that reminded nations and people of the end of oppression 60 years ago, resulting out of that historic occasion grew later other events worth commemorating, such as the diplomatic relations that Israel and Germany embarked on 40 years ago.

Consul General, Dr. Klaus RupprechtThis was festively remembered on May 17th, 2005 in Toronto’s Isabel Bader Theatre with a fabulous concert organized by the cultural affairs Director Sonia Rosenblatt of the Consulate General of Israel, to Ya'acov Brosh, Consul General of Israelwhich many guests were invited by the Consul General of Germany, Dr. Klaus Rupprecht, and his counterpart from Israel, Ya’acov Brosh.

It appeared that the entire available diplomatic corps of Canada had turned up to celebrate this important event of mutual understanding and friendship. Thus was the tone of the speeches, recognizing the difficulty that could be and acknowledging Frank Kleesthe lack of their existence for the most part. The emphasis was on friendship and how to build on it.

The artist (Arnold) and his workFrank Klees came to represent the Ontario Government and brought an artist/photographer with two fabulous and framed photographs with a rare shot of the Wall in Jerusalem for both Consul Generals.

Presenting the art

All speeches were fairly short and to the point so the universal music could do the talking. Exquisite compositions of Haendel/Halvorsen, Bach, Ben-Zion Orgard, Schumann, Kay, and Mendelssohn filled the theatre, played by Moshe Hammer, violin, Alexander Huelshoff, cello, and Francine Kay, piano and voice.

Francine Kay, Moshe Hammer, and Alexander Hülshoff

Moshe Hammer introduced each piece and when he spoke about Bach he said that there was nothing he could say about Bach that had not been said before. But he wanted to tell us something he knew was true about music: When the angels play for God they play Bach, but when they play for their own pleasure they play Mozart, … and God comes to listen!

Friendly greetingsThis kind of friendly animation was also apparent at the reception afterwards when people lingered over drinks and a fabulous dessert buffet, proving that indeed, we are getting on with the future!


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