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June, 2005 - Nr. 6


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K-W’s Business Association’s Gala Ball now in May

by Herwig Wandschneider


Herwig WandschneiderFor the first time, the German-Canadian Business and Professional Association celebrated their Annual Gala Ball in May in full spring decoration and May colours, rather than in the dreary weather of the late autumn. The event was to be the prelude to spring, rather than buried in the non-stop activities that is characteristic for the October/November season in the K-W area.

Junior choir cheers up GCBPA members   [photo: Herwig Wandschneider]

The spring prelude was underlined by the Junior Choir of the German Language School Concordia, who presented a number of upbeat motivating tunes under the direction of Angelika Werner, who introduced each song and conducted the choir in her typical charming way. The choir was well received and as always delightful and entertaining.

The event took place at the Concordia Club, whose efforts to match the dinner to the festive mood and occasion was much appreciated by the Association’s members.

Music to dance to was provided by the successor of Henry Vogel, the "Variations", under the direction of Heinz Lindlau, whose variety of Music, from Ballroom to traditional German to Polka, delighted the members and kept the dance floor moving till well after midnight.

Klaus & Virna Koeppen   [photo: Herwig Wandschneider]The Gala Ball followed on the heels of the Association’s elections and served as the occasion to socially introduce Mr. Klaus Koeppen, its new President. Mr. Koeppen and his wife Virna elegantly led the opening of the dance floor with a slow waltz. The ball was attended by most of the Association’s members as well as by guests of the Toronto sister organization, led by its President Mr. Karsten Mertens, by the National President of the "Deutsch-Kanadischer Kongress" (DKK), Mr. Tony Bergmeier, the newly elected President of Ontario’s DKK, Dr. Ulrich Frisse, and members of the Executive of all the German Clubs in the K-W region.


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