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June, 2005 - Nr. 6


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  SFR - Some of the best concerts come at the end of a season. It is like the colloquialism about the guests, which goes like this: The later the evening the more beautiful the guests. But that is probably only a German saying…

Via Salzburg certainly outdid itself with the last two concerts. The popularity of this chamber orchestra is steadily growing. We heard that subscriptions for Via Salzburg are rising sharply and advise to get on board soon. Go to and find out more.

Early June Mayumi Seiler had a special surprise for her fans: she played with two friends and extraordinary selection of music and introduced also dance into the program.

Together with Caroline Palmer of London, UK, Mayumi Seiler performed Schubert’s demanding fantasy in C major for violin and piano. One could say that this piece is very Schubert, because it has elements of his songs in there, reflecting previous compositions. The performance was superb; both woman were in sink so much so that the apparent telepathy between them was palpable.

The second piece in the evening was a combination of piano-violin concerto with dance and had a decidedly oriental flavour. The composer was Toru Takemitsu, Japan, and the dancer to this piece called "From far beyond Chrysanthemums and November Fog" was choreographed and danced by Denise Fujiwara. It was amazing to see this minimalist style of dancing where hands do most of the work. They hide the dancers face and have a separate life, fold and unfold and grow like buds and flowers, like ivy and violets, hiding or sprawling, seeking shade and looking for light, emulating all life-forces, may they be plant or human.

After a short intermission Mayumi Seiler came back with a trio by Ravel for violin, piano and cello and Joel Noyes joined the two ladies on the stage. This incredible piece of music, written heavily for a left piano hand is incredibly interesting to listen to. It was written just before Ravel joined WWI as an ambulance driver and does reflects some of the gloom of its day.

Applause for Joel Noyes, Caroline Palmer and Mayumi Seiler

The harmony between the musicians was astounding and richly rewarded with applause at the end of this most delightful concert.

Last Night at the Proms

This annual crowd pleaser had a special theme this year, as so many other cultural events. Here too the end of WWII was remembered with some of the pomp and circumstance appropriate for this historic remembrance. The very mixed audience enthusiastically waved their flags and sang along with the many rousing melodies. Some younger audience members, including a music major in the position of editor for a publication, was somewhat bewildered by this custom, one they only heard about from their parents but never experienced themselves. As the editor confessed, her early music education came from Bugs Bunny, not live concerts in the park or concert hall.

There are a few more concerts before the season ends entirely. Among ongoing programming throughout June Erich Kunzel Star Wars concerts are coming up at the end of the month and are being performed on the 28th and 29th of June. Call the TSO 9416-872-4255) or go to the website at to book your ticket fast for this fun filled pop-concert. On our ( as well as their website you will also find the entire next season, which is something to behold! The cultural mix of this city demands a rich canvas of offerings and the TSO does deliver again. This last season was very invigorating, had a new feeling to it, thanks to Maestro Oundjian’s artistic hand in it.

Please see what is in store in the Kitchener - Waterloo region by reading Irena Syrokomla’s interesting reports on the local art scene there. Music tells a strong story everywhere.


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