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 May 2008 - Nr. 5

I was privileged to know a 104 year old lady who lost her mother at the age of 15 - who then had to take care of her siblings. Immigrated from Namibia, Afrika to Canada. In her most treasured possessions her family found her so loved classic German poem : Wenn du noch eine Mutter hast.

I was asked by her family to translate it into the English language. I wish to share it for Mothers Day. – Danuta Grigaitis

If you have a Mother still

by Friedrich W. Kaulisch

Translation by Danuta Grigaitis

If you have a Mother still
Thank our Lord in heaven,
Not everyone in this wide world
A blessing as such was given.
If you have a Mother still,
Look after her with love
Until the very day has come
For the journey to high above.

She lived for you through troubled times
Since ever the beginning,
She tucked you into bed each night
And kissed you in the morning.
When you were ill she nursed you through
Whom she had born in pain ,
In times when you had given up
She picked you up again.

She taught you a very noble verse
Day after weary day,
She folded oft your little hands
And taught you how to pray.
She guided you through your childish ways
And all your youthful whims;
Your mother got you through it all:
Embrace her and give thanks.

When Mother is no longer there
And you can't give her happiness,
Then you may want to bring her flowers
To that silent - silent place :
A mother's grave is a holy grave
For you - a sacred place for ever
To turn to in life's troubled times :
She will forsake you never.


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