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 December 2008 - Nr. 12

Monday, February 23, 2009

Massey Hall

Tickets on sale to
FriendsFirst members Friday, November 28 at 10 AM
to the Public on Saturday, November 29 at 12 NOON

$49.50 - $29.50

Call 416-872-4255 or online at
or visit the Roy Thomson Hall Box Office

The National Acrobats of China troupe was founded in June, 1956 and has been one of the most influential big acrobatic troupes in the world. This performance marks their debut at Massey Hall in Toronto on February 23, 2009.

Lead by Deputy Directors Mr. Tian Zichun and Mr. Jianguo Yao, the National Acrobats of China’s contribution to the international performing market for the Chinese acrobats has been great. It has performed in more than 30 countries such as Canada, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Roumania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Mongolia, Italy, Austria, India, Laos, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Porto Rico, England, French, America, Singapore, Korea, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. From 1997 till early 2007, the troupe toured to Europe for 7 months in average each year and performed in more than 100 cities there during the period. In summer 2007, the troupe toured 40 acrobats and staff to Caribbean countries for three months. From November till January of 2008, the troupe’s Icarian groups of 25 people will perform the act separately at Circus Conelli in Zurich, Switzerland and Carre Theatre in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In early February of 2008, the troupe will tour to Indonesia and give 36 performances. Besides, the troupe’s acts were also often picked up by different international circuses and cruises such as Swiss Circus Knie and Princess Cruises. Stuttgart Winter Circus chose the troupe’s "Girls Bicycle Stunts" and "Plates Spinning" in 2000 and 2001, "Aerial Silk" in 2005 and "Icarian Boys" in 2006.

The National Acrobats of China have taken part in national and international acrobatic competitions and festivals since the 1980s and made outstanding achievements. The troupe’s list of honours is impressive. The act "Benches Juggling with Feet" attended the Tenth International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo in Monaco Monte and won "The Golden Clown Award" in December, 1984 and the Silver Award in the 2nd China National Acrobatic Competition in September of 1993. "Clownish Straw Hats" won "Copper Lion Prize" at forth Wuqiao International Acrobatics Art Festival in November, 1993. "Cycling Stunts" (Girls Bicycle Stunts) won "Gold Clown Award" at the second Wuhan International Acrobatics Art Festival in September, 1994. The act "Benches Juggling with Feet" was prized with "Copper Award" at Italy International Acrobatics Art Festival in May, 1995.The "Gold Lion Prize" went to "Cycling Stunts" (Girls Bicycle Stunts ), "Benches Juggling with Feet" and "Handstand on chairs placed on turntables" at "the Fourth China National Acrobatics Competition" in September,1995. Meanwhile "Silver Lion Prize" went to "Clownish Straw Hats". At Moscow International Circus Festival, the special award went to the troupe’s "Hand-standing Acrobatics" and "Kick Bowls on Running Circle" obtained "Copper Bear" award. In January of 1997, "Cycling Stunts" (Girls Bicycle Stunts) won the first prize—"The Golden Clown Award" at the twenty-first Monte Carlo International Circus Festival in Monaco. "Straw Hats Juggling" and "Plates Spinning" won the Golden Awards at the Fifth China National Acrobatics Competition in October, 2000. "Dream Step Dance—Plate Spinning" were awarded "Golden Prize" at Fourth China National Youth Acrobatics Competition" in August, 2002. In February of 2007, The troupe’s "Icarian Boys" of 12 performers won the Golden Award (President’s Award) at the Cirque de Demain in Paris. In August of 2007, "Drum Girls" of 9 won the Silver Award at the Moscow International Circus Festival.

Co-presented with Attila Glatz Concert Productions.

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