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 December 2008 - Nr. 12

Merry Christmas and the best of Seasons from Echo Germanica

The annual event was also introduced first by the Goethe Institut. This year the French Consulate came forward to head up the fest and many proud sponsors, including Dale and Lessmann, a German Canadian Law firm. At the he time of the opening party in the Polish Hall on Beverly, opposite the now defunct Austrian Club, we met up with members of the German Consulate and Goethe Institut that were there to represent their countries entries to the film fest. Echo Germanica had seen prior to the public showings Robert Thalheim’s "And along came Tourists", a modern day Auschwitz story that throws light on how the people in Germany and of that region cope with the Jutta Brendemühl with Doina Popescuehistorical facts. It shows how industries cope and use the past as a means to look good and make money off the past, like donate a monument, but it also shows how the people that actually were there when it all happened live in quite a different reality, one that is not shared by most. Young people find it either oppressive to be around and want to get away from the constant sad reEva Wazda & son Markusminders, or, as in the case of the young German who does his civil service there and discovers a part of his country’s history that had been well hidden from him, it actually caused great compassion for the old man that repairs the many suitcases of the dead because he promised them to take care of their belongings, and Big party crowdthese suitcases are all that is left.

The other much talked about film was "A woman in Berlin". This film with Nina Hoss in the title role had made headlines in Germany and there was an aura of disbelieve when the diary first appeared in Germany. It is high time that those stories are told too, Lady power from the Goethe Institut and German Consulateespecially when they are based on actual occurrences. When the film comes to local theatres I hope many are going to see it. It evokes a sense of authenticity with its fine screenplay. It is a true and compelling story of survival.

This year’s EU! Film Festival was another resounding success for all participants and we are looking forward to next year. SFR.


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