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 December 2008 - Nr. 12

Merry Christmas and the best of Seasons from Echo Germanica

This fine German fairy tale was once an entertaining "Singspiel" for English composer Humperdinck’s children at Christmas time but made its debut as a full opera in Germany. It tells of course the charming story of Hansel and Gretel and how they overcome their problems. The wonderful performers all excelled in their rolls sung concert style to a not even half full house. We enjoyed especially Andrew Tees, who had reprised himself of the roll of the father already a couple of years ago at Opera York. There were few children, but the adults applauded when the wicked witch was thrown into the oven.

A great cast in a beautifully decorated hall

While this was a nice afternoon and a good performance a few more props and improved stage lighting could help such a performance and any other event as well, to be more successful. SFR.


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