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 May 2009 - Nr. 5

For fans of Dan Brown and the new Ron Howard movie, Angels & Demons, based on Brown’s novel of the same name, TrineDay's new book, Perfectibilists, about the historical secret society the Bavarian Illuminati is a must read. The book released last month has been named as an "indispensable research work" by Christopher Hodapp, a Masonic author and lecturer. Mr Hodapp, author of Freemasons For Dummies and Solomon's Builders: Freemasons, Founding Fathers, and The Secrets of Washington D.C., declared in his review on Amazon that the Perfectibilists is "the most important English language work on the Bavarian Illuminati ever published to date. Based on documentation translated from French and German sources, Melanson keeps hysteria and paranoia to a minimum and provides an incredible reference work that outlines the history of the Order and its far-reaching cast of characters. Researched, footnoted and sourced in great detail, with documents never seen in English."

Another Amazon reviewer had this to say: "I have studied the Illuminati for years through various conspiracy books and websites. There can be a lot of confusion and misconceptions about who[m] they were and what they were trying to accomplish. If I only had this book  [Perfectibilists] years ago, my research would have been faster and more complete. The book is well sourced, giving follow up reading, websites as well as known members. This is probably the most in depth volume on the Illuminati that you can find without having to learn German. Hopefully this trend will continue, and the public will take more interest in the enlightenment societies that shaped our nation and western civilization for that matter."

This amazing 530-page work is chockfull of illustrations, original documents and information never before available in English. The book is a great value at only $19.95 suggested retail.

The author, Terry Melanson, lives in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and runs the popular conspiracy website conspiracy


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