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 May 2009 - Nr. 5
Dick Altermann at the computer

When Ernst Stader, President of the Loreley Club in Oshawa, opened Ernst Stader, Christel Petrowski and Peter Stengthis annual festive occasion and turned the guidance over to Olaf Olaf Rudolf, M.C.Rudolf – the MC – the Heimatsänger had already welcomed everyone with an appropriate song (Grüss Gott mit hellem Klang).

The evening’s entertainment that followed was rich and varied: Loreley Dancers, Heimatsänger, a ‘Duett’ with Toni Haas and Julie Martinelli. There was young Taylor playing the viola and Mason on the violin with "Song of the Wind" and "Muß I denn zum Städele hinaus" – both are grandchildren of Urd & Helmut Grander.

Johanna Uhlmann was next with a poem followed by Ilse Hentschel & Edith Weinsheimer and an anecdote from East Prussia delivered by Herr Wannack.

"A Mösch in de Kösch" – translated from the Cologne dialect as "the bird in the kitchen" and presented by Paul Müller and Toni Haas was not all that easy to understand – unless you hail from that famous area of Germany – but fun anyway. Christel Petrowski with the Berliner ‘Leierkastenmann’ and Toni Haas with poetic memories of the old schooldays were not to be missed.

The Loreley Singers
The Loreley Singers
The Loreley Singers

Paul MüllerThe Loreley Singers jubilated to entertain with song and Paul Müller delivered a sentimental poem.

Ernst Stader, President of Club Loreley, Georg Goralczyk from Germany and Helga StaderDuring a 30-minute break and a short fundraiser to defray some of the expenses for this evening of fun and entertainment we met Ernst and Helga Stader with a visitor from Germany, Georg Goralczyk. Christel Petrowski & husbandWe also were able to appreciate the delicious cake by Christel Petrowski, who made us latecomers welcome at the club, as did many others.


Margot Franke on the "Hackbrett"
Margot Franke on the "Hackbrett" Margot Franke on the "Hackbrett"

After the break Margot Franke displayed her expertise on the "Hackbrett" – also known as the ‘hammered dulcimer’, an instrument quite familiar to the people that hail from Bavaria or Austria.

Ilse Hentschel on her keyboard
Ilse Hentschel on her keyboard Ilse Hentschel on her keyboard

Ilse Hentschel was most entertaining on her keyboard and made the audience swing with her lively tunes.

Cameron Miemiec plays the keyboard
Cameron Miemiec plays the keyboard Cameron Miemiec plays the keyboard

It was gratifying to see that all the wonderful entertainment was provided by the members of the club themselves. Young lads like Cameron Miemiec – barely in his teens – volunteered to play on a keyboard for the appreciative audience.

Anneliese Ilg and Kurt Wagner
Anneliese Ilg and Kurt Wagner + dog

Hans UhlmannA side-splitting sketch followed with Anneliese Ilg and Kurt Wagner – the dog was well-behaved during the whole performance - while Hans Uhlmann followed with his glorious wisdom about the benefits of ageing.

"Die alten Schachteln"
"Die alten Schachteln" "Die alten Schachteln"
"Die alten Schachteln"

The ladies, who called themselves "Die alten Schachteln", performed a hilarious comedy routine, which ended after one more "lady" with a much deeper voice had joined the group.

Kurt WagnerKurt Wagner stepped up to the mike again with his comedy sketch "Die Rechnung".

The conclusion of this entertaining evening was provided by the combined voices of the Loreley choir and the Heimatsinger with the songs ‘Edelweiss’ and ‘Auf Wiederseh’n’. A jam-packed evening came finally to an end and everyone was happy.

The Heimatsinger...
The Heimatsinger...
...and the combined choirs
...and the combined choirs

We congratulate this club to its active membership that relies on its own creativity and can entertain itself without hiring expensive artists.

This seems to be the recipe for a healthy club and is - by example - instilled in the youngsters – the "Nachwuchs" at an early age. Another great example are the groups of Loreley Guard Dancers, which come in all sizes and age groups and have survived most of the other carnival groups in the past. Maybe this is where the club could sponsor more for the youngster such as camping trips or nature trips to learn conservation and to learn to cooperate and work together as a team, to maintain a good relationship within the club environment, and also with the community at large.

The audience The audience
The audience The audience

Kudos to the entire lot of helping hands – too many to mention – that toil in the background and would be sorely missed if they were not there.

As always

Dick Altermann

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