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 May 2009 - Nr. 5

Participate in the Parade or participate with the display of Arts & Craft

Toronto - The historic Town of Unionville, Ontario founded by William Berczy is also the site where the warehouse of the North-West Fur Trading Company was located in 1794. Unionville is celebrating its 215 years existence this year with the 40th Annual Unionville Festival from June 5 to June 7, 2009. The 2008 festival was attended by more than 70,000 people. Typically non-profit groups are involved and you are invited to participate in the festivities.

Youth participation in Unionville festival  [photo: Rolf A. Piro]Unlike marketing, the festival does not inherently revolve around a product or strategies to increase market share but rather operates on the notion for people to meet, have a good time and make new friends.

Distelfink [photo: Rolf A. Piro]If you wish to take part in the parade or if you produce a hand-crafted product that is unique or to entertain, you should apply either by Internet, Mail or Telephone.

Internet or by mail Unionville Festival Booths 4261-A14 Hwy #7, Suite 196, Unionville, Ont. L3R 9W6,Tel. 416 208 0685. Unionville can be conveniently reached by car via Highway 404 to Highway 7, then follow the signs to Unionville.

Rolf A. Piro


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