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January 2011 - Nr. 1
Happy New Year from Echo Germanica

Once I read a quite memorable story that happened in the “wild mountains” of Kurdistan. It was a time when it was custom to take revenge through a bloody vendetta. Back in those days a man killed another man while they were disputing and fighting. Instantaneously the murderer ran away into the lonely mountains to save his life from the avenger. The son of the killed man would not rest until he took revenge for the murder of his father.

While the avenger rushed after the killer weeks and even months went by. The murderer had no rest and could not feel secure for a second. Once he had to lie down underneath a tree to find some sleep. Suddenly he woke up with a hand on his shoulder: It was the avenger! “Are you the killer of my father?” The man was too exhausted and despaired so he answered: “I can’t go on like this. Why should I keep on running away? So I will admit and confess what I did: Yes, I am the man who killed your father! I am guilty and my guilt lies like a heavy burden on me. Go on, take revenge, and kill me – because I deserve to die!”

All of a sudden the appearance of the avenger started to change. He said: “Listen! I am a Christian. And as a Christian I know about the beauty of forgiveness. So many weeks and months I have been running after you only to urge you: Come home! Live in peace! I forgive you!“ The murderer covered his face in his hands, cried and said: “How useless was my escape and a waste of time and energy! I always thought you want to destroy me for what I did! Instead I should have come to you in the first place to confess my horrible deed!”

Dear readers, sometimes I think that many people live a life of permanent escape: We try to escape from the living God! But this little story wants to teach us that this kind of running away is senseless and not necessary. Rather we should turn to God right away. He is willing to give us forgiveness, peace and a life of hope. All our unrest and uneasiness comes from the fact that God is trying to find us while we are running into the opposite direction. The only thing that God wants us to know is his invitation: Come home! Live in peace! I forgive you!

So let us not forget: God is chasing us!

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