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October 2011 - Nr. 10
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...Maisach – at the Donauschwaben

Maisach is a small town, north of the Fürstenfeldbruck Air force Base, in Bavaria. I was married and lived there for a few years – since I worked at the air base for many years, and the location was convenient. It was quite a surprise to learn that Maisach had a Youth-band “Jugend Blaskapelle” with52 members and that they wanted to go to New York for the Steuben Parade and that they also wanted to perform in Canada for the Oktoberfest at the Donauschwaben Club in Scarborough – just for the food –which the club was only too glad to provide! A collection among the audience however netted about $700.00 anyway – of which they earned every penny!

Blaskapelle Maisach at their arrival in Toronto at the Danube Swabian Club
Blaskapelle Maisach at their arrival in Toronto at the Danube Swabian Club

Since the stage was too small for 37 performers they split the group, put two rows on the stage and two rows on the floor in front of the stage. Problem solved! The music was quite ‘Bavarian’ and very well received by the audience. They could have performed on the ‘Theresienwiese’ at Munich’s Oktoberfest.

For the Bavarian youngsters the 11 day “CONTOURS” adventure started in Frankfurt, where they boarded Singapore Airlines for an eight hour flight to New York; next Utica; Adirondack Mountains; Visit to the German Club (Utica Männerchor) and the first gig. Then trip along Lake Ontario to Toronto (CN Tower; Parliament) to play at the Danube Swabian Club.

Performance in Washington - photo: Blaskapelle MaisachNext on the agenda were the Niagara Falls (Maid of the Mist) and trip to Washington (White House; Skylon Tower, Washington Mall, Smithsonian, etc.) and later to Philadelphia (Freedom Clock) via New Jersey to Manhattan, (Harbour Trip; Empoire State Building, 9/11 site, etc.) this was the day of the Steuben Parade. It started at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Performance at the stand of the Steubenparade - photo: Blaskapelle MaisachAve. Service was performed by Archbishop Timothy Dolan. This was followed by the line-ups for the colorful parade at noon. It followed Central Park – this oasis of tranquility in fast-paced New York. After the Parade-Party in Central Park to close this adventure of a lifetime and flight back to Germany!

Blaskapelle MaisachHowever both “Oktoberfest” days were well visited at the club and the Edelweiss Trio from Kitchener a very well versed band that kept the dance floor full. Sunday was visited a little heavier – since many of the visitors wanted to hear those youngsters from Maisach play their Oktoberfest type music. They were not disappointed1 and the Edelweiss Trio will be back for the Herbstfest again.

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Dick Altermann

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