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December 2011 - Nr. 12
Merry Christmas and the best of Seasons from Echo Germanica

It is December, the month of Advent and Christmas. As usually we are in a hurry to get everything done: Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, Christmas cookies baking, organizing the big family get-together etc. etc. etc. Christmas season is so much about external things like colourful presents, appealing decoration, warm music, and delicious meals. Nothing wrong about that! I am convinced that we all treasure those moments in life when we feel that everything is in place. Joel Bjorling wrote a beautiful poem about Christmas and a present of an unknown giver under the tree.

There is one last present under the Christmas tree,
I wonder whose it is?
Is it for the little girl with the rocking horse,
Or is it for Grandma or Aunt Liz?
It looks so lonely,
Sitting there by itself;
It’d certainly be an awesome addition
On “somebody’s” shelf.

The ribbon is gold,
The paper is paisley red;
“Who does it belong to?”
Keeps rattling in my head;
I decided to snatch a peek,
And see whose name is on the card;
It’d only take a second,
It won’t be very hard.

When no one was looking,
I reached under the tree,
Carefully handling,
“Who knows, it may be for me!”
But when I read the card,
I thought it was extraordinarily odd,
Because the message read,
“Love and blessings,” God.

This piece of poetry points to God who gives his Son Jesus Christ as a gift of love and peace. So let us not forget that Christmas is not about the idea of having every external thing in place. Instead Christmas is about having the Son of God in the right place: In our life!

To all our readers we wish peace and joy for this year’s Christmas season. May the Son of God become the gift of God to all of us!

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