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December 2011 - Nr. 12
Merry Christmas and the best of Seasons from Echo Germanica

Proposal for peace 66 years after the end of hostilities of World War II.

The armistice of 1945, still in effect and the existing UN clauses defining Germany as a hostile state are to be repealed. To the benefit of their several peoples, the former enemies shall work together as sovereign partners with equal rights under a peace treaty to be mutually agreed and shall settle all their differences in future by negotiation and discussion, never again by violence.

To those ends, Germany suggests:

  1. The parties shall pardon all war crimes and violations of international law committed against each other during and after the wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.

  2. The parties shall cease accusing each other of war crimes and cease seeking reparations and compensation for actions taken against each other during world war two.

Accusations of war guilt are to end. To assure this, we suggest the following:

  1. Opening of all archives of the former enemies for research to find out the actual events in the developments between 1900 and 1950. This is to include the reciprocal return of all confiscated original archival documents, provided that the state returning such confiscated documents may make and retain copies of such documents.

  2. A truth finding commission of independent historians of neutral states shall assess all original documents still kept secret in archives and shall adopt the results as the foundation for educational work of schools and universities in the contracting states.

Peace is to be made irreversible by the contracting partners. This is to be achieved through:

  1. Retirement of all occupying forces and return of bases to the host country.

  2. The preservation of the contracting partner’s borders.
  3. Return of all confiscated property; where this is impossible, a balancing solution has to lead to an agreement as part of the negotiating process undertaken by the parties to this agreement.
  4. All negotiations shall be open to the public, both while they occur and as they are recorded for posterity.
  5. NATO shall be transformed into NESO (Northern Earth Security Organisation) to serve both as a political organisation and a defence organisation which ensures that no member can form a coalition against another member state of NESO.
  6. Simultaneously NESO will ensure free world trade and secure open trade routes on land, sea and in the air.
  7. NESO will ban piracy.
  8. NESO states declare to the world public their renunciation of violence to settle dispute. They will respect all nations’ right of self-determination and never again raise weapons first. The right to sanction the use of arms against violators of international law, is reserved to the United Nations only.
  9. NESO states will not admit to its membership or continue in membership any state that breaks international law, commits genocide or expels ethnic minorities.
  10. NESO states guarantee religious tolerance and will not allow any religion to dominate another one.

On the basis of these 14 points the governments concerned could be invited to a peace conference in Münster and Osnabrück (Germany) to end World War II finally and by this give future generations an open way into a peaceful ordering of the world’s affairs based on reciprocal respect and group responsibility.

Initiative des Verbandes deutscher Soldaten e.V.



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