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December 2011 - Nr. 12
Merry Christmas and the best of Seasons from Echo Germanica

Some 2000 or so years ago in biblical times, in a biblical land called Judea, life was not so different from today. There were governments and there were rulers, there were taxes and there were people who had to pay them.

The difference between then and now is the methods, and the way in which they are employed.

Now we fill out a census so the government can learn enough about us in order to tax us for the services it thinks we need. Then people were required to actually go to the place they were originally from and report to the authorities there.

Joseph, a carpenter, was from Bethlehem. Recently married to Mary he went with her back to his hometown. It was a difficult journey, especially since Mary was pregnant with a very special child, as an angel had foretold her.

As they arrived in Bethlehem Joseph tried to get lodging in one of the inns, but they were all filled to capacity. Just as he was about to give up one innkeeper took pity on him and offered the stable as a solution to the problem, because Mary was about to give birth. No sooner had they settled in and a baby boy was born. Mary named him Jesus, clothed him in strips of cloth and put him into a manger.

Near by there were shepherds watching over their sheep, when an angel appeared to them and told them of the birth of Jesus as their savior, which had been prophesized to arrive. They went to see the newborn and rejoiced.

Far away, in another land, there were wise men and they had noticed that a new star appeared in the sky. Three of them followed it and also heard of the birth of the Jesus child. When they found him they brought gifts and worshiped him as the future King of the Jews.

When King Herodes heard of this he became worried and ordered all firstborn children murdered. But Joseph had been warned by the angels and had taken Mary and the child to Egypt and into safety.

This is the beginning of one of our most important stories. It relates to us the hope of mankind for a better future, that there is more to life then a beginning and an end with something in the middle. It relates to us our eternity as immortal beings and the hope that there is life after death. How we achieve that is up to us.

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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