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February 2008 - Nr. 2

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Dick on Mardi Gras

Dick Altermann at his computer

Karneval is still alive!

A report from Holly Henninger of the Loreley Club in Oshawa helps to confirm this. Here is her report:

1. K.G. Loreley Oshawa  (photo: K.G. Loreley Oshawa)
1. K.G. Loreley Oshawa

As I am writing this I cannot help but smile as I think back at the great time we had at our Karneval dance on January 26, at the club. We had another full house with great food, great entertainment by the Euro Connection and great dancing by all three of our Dancer groups – who performed their new ‘Funkengarde’ routines.

Our ‘Kindertots’ put a smile on everyone’s face with their lively Show Dance while our Seniors finished the performance off with their energetic, crowd-pleasing Can Can.

All the costumes  (photo: K.G. Loreley Oshawa)
All the costumes
Costume parade  (photo: K.G. Loreley Oshawa)   Loreley dancers  (photo: K.G. Loreley Oshawa)
Costume parade  Loreley dancers 
Peace for 2008  (photo: K.G. Loreley Oshawa)  Armin Hellmann, President of the BDKK   [photo: K.G. Loreley Oshawa] 
Peace for 2008  Armin Hellmann, President of the BDKK 
Princess Mona Alexandra from Tavistock (c.)   (photo: K.G. Loreley Oshawa) 
Princess Mona Alexandra from Tavistock (c.) 

Many prizes were awarded for best costumes but I’m quite sure that the judges had a difficult time choosing the winners.

The winners  (photo: K.G. Loreley Oshawa)
The winners

I would like to give special thanks to our fellow Karnevalists who were able to come.

Thanks to the K.G. Narragonia Brantford, K.G. Treuer Husar Toronto, K.G. Treuer Husar Mississauga, G.K.G. Narrhalla 58 Hamilton and K.G. Narrenzunft Kitchener. We were also very honoured to have in attendance Princess Mona Alexandra from Tavistock. Our younger dancers loved to see a real Princess in such a beautiful gown!

Thanks to Tom Henninger for being such a great Master of Ceremonies and to everyone that helped make it such a fun night!

Our dancers are looking forward to attending the Manoeverball in Kitchener on April 5th.

Tammi, Tom, Holly & Linda  (photo: K.G. Loreley Oshawa)
Tammi, Tom, Holly & Linda

Until then happy dancing.

Holly Henninger
President, K.G. Loreley Youth Dancers

Note: All photos are courtesy of K.G. Loreley Oshawa. We wished we could have been there — the editor


"Kappenabend" in the Hansa Haus

Welcome at the doorThe Hansa Haus also celebrated a sort-of Karneval event with their Kappenabend last Saturday, February 2nd, 2008. Since the K.G. Hansa does not have too many members left, staging a proper full-size Ekko Hildebrandt's welcomeevent was not possible anymore, the club jumped into the breach and hosted a pseudo-event and called it "Kappenabend". Kappe is German for ‘Cap’ – something to wear on your head.


Wearing their caps (Kappen) 
"Kappen" or caps to be worn  "Kappen" or caps to be worn 
"Kappen" or caps to be worn  "Kappen" or caps to be worn 
"Kappen" or caps to be worn  "Kappen" or caps to be worn 

The Tim-Horton-Man & Ruth WimmerNo one was allowed in the hall without some sort of headgear – no matter how outrageous – the funnier the better, and additional caps were available to visitors who Steve Haas & friendscame naked, of head I mean! Anything from baseball caps to pith helmet was in evidence – and some of these head-covers were hilarious.

Even the members of the Euro Connection band wore the high "Cat in the Hat" hats. Shades of Dr. Seuss!

The Euro Connection 
The Euro Connection 
 The Gschoessers enjoying a dance

Food was tasty, kudos to the cooking staff, and the drinks at the bar refreshing. But that is really not news since it is "par for the course" at the Hansa Haus.

On the dance floor 
On the dance floor  On the dance floor 
On the dance floor  On the dance floor 
On the dance floor   On the dance floor

Robert & Heidi Gutwein & the GschoessersAttendance could have been a little better, there were quite a number of seats left. I presume the last snowstorm had a lot to do with it. But still it was fun and good to meet a lot of old friends and acquaintances again.

Alaaf, Helau and Ahoi

Dick Altermann


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