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August 2002 - Nr. 8


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Alpine Fest
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This year something unusual is happening at the Canadian National Exhibition. For the second time in a row the Toronto Star is sponsoring a German Day on its Bandshell stage. This is quite an honour, since many communities and events are waiting for this prime venue. There is no doubt that the producer Gabi Schick is responsible for this generosity. Through her professionalism last year she made us as a community look extra good and we were asked to return. This year we are just simply not calling it German Day, but Alpine Fest because it is more inclusive as a concept and invites other German speaking nations to participate more actively.

Swiss content by Harmonie Brass ShowbandOtherwise we are following the past successful action and are bringing back some of the acts that had the biggest accolades. Among them is of course the Harmonie Brass Show Band; we can simply not imagine a better band for this huge event. We needed a big sound and they got it! The band is also bringing the Mexican Amigos to the CNE, a winning combination.

Illustrating traditions by Regina's fashionsRegina’s Fashion show was another favourite last year. So of course it is back, inclusive of Regina herself with her husband and her measuring tape and her daughter the dancer, who choreographed last year’s show. Now you can order your fine heritage look outfit right on the spot.

But Regina is not alone this year; we invited her namesake from Vienna to sing for you. The Pop star is presenting us with fabulous new songs. Perhaps we should have called the day "2X Regina reigns supreme"…

But there is much more: The Forget-Me-Nots are delivering 2 shows in all. Since last year they have perfected their performance skills even more, if that is possible. And the Danube Swabian Dancers are also there with a fabulous routine. We have the terrific Weiss-Blau Bayern Dancers and a huge choir again. You are invited to sing along, of course. You can appreciate the pageantry of Brunswick Soldiers and listen to our famous Willi Platzer bring Austrian music to life, like only he can.

And then of course there are Gabi and myself, and we promise to give you a great time!

Hot - Hot - Hot!

Austrian Airlines is generously donating flight tickets to Vienna again. So you must not forget to fill out the ballot when you arrive, and you have to be present for the draw to be eligible. Consult the program on the next side of the insert, keep it with you and you will not miss your favourite parts of the show. Between presentations you can eat from Lein’s deli counter the good and familiar food and listen to Dieter Kahle play his Seemanslieder, or wonder among the other interesting displays. We can entertain you non-stop from noon to 10 pm. Bring a hat or something to protect you from the sun. Hopefully there will be no rain in the forecast. Let’s keep our fingers and everything else well crossed. For other fabulous events consult the other media, like www.thestar.com or go to www.theex.com. There you will find everything there is to know. At printing time all the details were not released yet. But at the band shell the line-up is fantabulous.

SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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