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September 2002 - Nr. 9


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Summer Surprises

  Anyone who knows me also knows that I am not a particular fan of popular music, especially not the "Deutsche-Schlager-Variety". In my defence I must say that it is not entirely my fault. I blame my parents who kept me away from such sounds and raised me on classical music instead. I did not even like the Beatles at the time of their comet-like ascent, I preferred Rhapsody in Blue.

Showman PatriziusThis summer I was surprised not once but twice by this so much neglected genre. I went to listen to Pratrizius, a German "Schlagersänger" and entertainer if there ever was one. And I must say: one does not have to be a fan of popular German music to like what he does. He brought the audience to life in the Danube Swabian Club in August.

The stories of his carrier sound like the who is who in German popular music history. He wrote not just for himself, but many very well known titles for other famous performers, some of which are experiencing a comeback on the charts.

Thank you gifts for Patrizius & his wife by Toni & Inge BaumannPratrizius reminisced about his first trip to Canada, which was sponsored by Jürgen Schulz and his wife of International Furs in Brampton. They like to think back to those early times and still think he is a great guy now! And they are right. His generosity knew no bounds that evening when he performed way beyond the call of duty with 4 encores.

Mike kicks off the party with Regina at Sauter's InnThe following night we went to Sauter’s Inn to listen to Regina, a Viennese import, who also sang at the Alpine Festival. This was her 2nd visit to Canada and her repertoire had changed completely.

Entertaining the guestsWhereas she used to interpret quite wonderfully other singer’s greatest hits she now performs her own songs. They come from the heart and her charm and style communicate the messages easily and with considerable showmanship. Stories from her life, something everyone can relate to, because we all made similar experiences. No wonder she was such a smash hit at the CNE.

So what I am saying is that I am now partially converted and can be expected to listen more often to a "Schlager" or two.

Summertime is picnic time

Hansa Club picnic...Something is in the make at the Hansa Club. The old historical building in the front of the property has a new patio and plans are in the make to renovate the premises from the inside. A renewed spirit has arrived at the club. Volunteers are work...well visiteding on a revival operation. Congratulations!


The annual summer picnic was a smash hit with music, good food and games for the kids, even the little ones.

Thirsty anyone?





FlyingI took a flight of fancy on the swing, feeling like a kid again myself. There is nothing like this strange feeling of lightness in the head as you come falling down, only to swing up again, and down…It is a feeling of a bit of imminent danger, where anything might happen, where control is not totally calculable.

Perhaps the club has finished the renos just in time for Brampton’s big birthday bash next year?! We shall keep you up to date.

See you around

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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