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October 2003 - Nr. 10


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Zurich Connection


Zürcher Panorama

Grüezi mitenand!

Ah, the thought of the word Panorama send the mind for a wander, as it should! Every twist and turn in this gorgeous city is enough to send one’s imagination into a frenzy. However, in comparison with other cities that I’ve visited, Vienna, Paris or Rome for example, there is still a certain, dare I say it, "reserve" to the city. Don’t get me wrong, the reserve I’m talking about is one of class and ingenuity! The very chic Bahnhofstrasse comes to mind here. Every route marker and clock is clear and precise, hey, even the regular clocks at the S-Bahn stations are of a high quality brand name! If you’ve never been to Zürich, let me now act as the tourist office! Have a look at this website and click your way around the sights and sounds of the city:

As for me, well, today I’m feeling the effects of a long 2 hour walk yesterday! I couldn’t resist going for a walk in the beautiful weather, so I walked from my place up in the mountains, down to the city. It takes about 1.5 hours, walking at a pretty quick pace. The city was bustling with energy, even on a Sunday! The lake and river were surrounded by excited people eager to take in the last few rays before the Nebel sets in (as I’ve been told). Otherwise, I begin a busy travelling schedule this week.

This Wednesday until Sunday, I’m taking part in a conference held in Marrakech, Morocco. (I’ll welcome the heat!) I won’t give away the other exciting venues I’ll be going to, but I will leave you salivating for couscous and tabouleh salad as you think of me! You’ll just have to pick up the next issue in order to find out where I’ve jumped around! At this time, I’m sure most of you are in the full swing of work or starting or continuing programs at school. It is not a time to forget what we have begun and keep the faith and courage in whatever ‘floats your boat’! I look forward to hearing about it in the forum or a response to a column.

I am also excited to see and read via www.echoworld.com many young people giving their time and energy to write about their lives, trials and tribulations, within the paper. We have correspondents from many areas were some form of German is spoken! I must say that I am quickly getting accustomed to the Schwitzerdütsch (Schweizer Deutsch), or more in particular the Züritsdütsch (Zürich Deutsch). Can you believe that when I went shopping in Germany this past weekend, I actually missed hearing Grüezi instead of the traditional Hallo?!! For the Austrians, I know you’re used to Grüss Gott! I kept wanting to repeat the Swiss words for these simple expressions that not even two months ago alluded me! For example, instead of Hallo, one says Grüezi and Aufwiedersehen is changed to Ade. Even the traditional Danke takes on a ‘French Swiss’ twist: Merci! Interesting, no?

I think I’ll leave my lesson of Swiss German for the moment and end by saying that it has been an adventure thus far and it most certainly continues to be. I haven’t felt the culture shock as one might as I find many things similar to Canada, however, one thing that is quite a shock is the price of going out! Yes, I was, at first a little surprised to have a wonderful Schnitzel for 25.- Swiss Francs (1 CHF is almost on par with 1 CAD)!!! This place could be a nightmare if you’re into cheese and chocolate, as I am. Hence the long walks and lots of swimming!! There are cheeses for every day of the year and who am I to resist the temptation to try them all! And the chocolate!! No comment necessary!

Well, my friends, I again look forward to hearing your comments and hope you will log on to www.echoworld.com and get in touch with me, Sybille or any of the other correspondents!

Merci, ade!



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