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Teaching youth the importance of
building a sustainable future

Essay contest to award forward-thinking students

   TORONTO: October 7, 2003…. Sustainable development is a concept that emerged from the environmental movement of the 1970’s and 1980’s. For college students enrolled in The Centre for the Built Environment at Seneca College and high school students in the York Region District School Board, this term will take on a whole new meaning. The Cement Association of Canada and concrete industry, in partnership with the Earth Rangers Centre are holding an essay contest that encourages forward-thinking youth to share their ideas on the future of our planet

The topic of sustainability has far-reaching implications for business, government, community groups and Canadians alike. The Essay Contest allows students to share their opinions on how concrete is an integral part of a sustainable community. Why have an essay contest centering on concrete? Concrete has contributed to the built environment for over 2000 years and today twice as much concrete is used worldwide than all other building materials combined. Its impact on sustainability and the future is therefore crucial.

"The thoughts and impressions of the young writers will no doubt prove to be inspirational for all Canadians," said Sally Moore, Director of Business Development for the Cement Association. "The essay topic of sustainability is important to our economy, the environment and social equity," she adds.

Over $10,000 will be awarded to winning students for post-secondary studies, and $15,000 in donations will be made to the Earth Rangers, an organization dedicated to "inspiring within children a life long passion to improve the environment". Each winning entrant will receive an invitation to an awards ceremony and training day being held at Earth Rangers Centre. Essays must be submitted by Friday, November 14, 2003 for Seneca students, and Wednesday, December 31, 2003 for York Region District School Board high school students.

"Over 200 first year students in Civil Engineering Technology, Building Systems Engineering Technology, and our new applied degree in Integrated Environmental Site Remediation will be participating in the college-level writing competition," said William Humber, Chair for The Centre for the Built Environment at Seneca College. "We are doing so because of our recognition that within city regions, the health and economic benefits of progressive environmentalism through technological innovation and compact mixed urban design are providing an emerging foundation for a new kind of development, one characterized by the elusive pursuit of urban sustainability," he adds.

"The Essay Contest is a very worthy endeavour that students will benefit from, not only financially, but also through the knowledge they will acquire in researching their essays," said Craig Boyle, Sustainable Design Specialist for Public Works and Government Services Canada. "We applaud the Cement Association of Canada and their industry partners for their active engagement in the sustainable development agenda," he adds.

Students, who would like to receive additional information on the "Building A Sustainable Future Essay Contest", can contact their school or visit the Cement Association of Canada’s Web site at www.cement.ca. Information about the Earth Rangers can be obtained at www.earthrangers.ca.

Sponsors of the "Building a Sustainable Future Essay Contest" include: the Earth Rangers Centre, Cement Association of Canada (CAC), Concrete Pipe Association of Ontario (OCPA), The Centre for the Built Environment at Seneca College, Enermodal Engineering, EnerQuality/R2000, Ontario Masonry Training Centre (OMTC), Public Works Government Services Canada (PWGSC), Masonry Canada, Ready-Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario (RMCAO), and York Region District School Board.


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