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Dick reports...


Dick Altermann at his computer"Kinder Trachtenfest" at the Danube-Swabians

What a fantastic and colourful experience that was! About 50 youngsters – all dressed in their regional "Trachten" (costumes from the original region their parents came from) – were participating in this annual Alisha & Rachel  (Danube Swabian Club)event. Members from the Danube Swabian Youth Group – including the lovely Miss Danube, Alisha Szauter, and several parents helped in organizing this wonderful festival in the great hall of the Danube-Swabian Club in Scarborough.

Continuing the tradition of "Trachten"  (Danube Swabian Club)

Still learning...  (Danube Swabian Club)Needless to say, that the kids were obviously enjoying their ‘place in the sun’ that afternoon. They knew that they were the ‘stars’ - and proud of it – when they performed their various dance numbers.

Brigitte Wecker greeds the guests  (Danube Swabian Club)The event started with welcome addresses by Brigitte Wecker, president of the club and Magdalena Forstner from the ‘Frauengruppe’ (Ladies Auxiliaries) who provided invaluable assistance in making this event the success it turned out to be.

Lena Forstner, representing the Women's Auxiliary  (Danube Swabian Club)

...transformed to a choir by Ingrid Szauter  (Danube Swabian Club)Some of the children started with a series of German folk songs, led by the matriarch of the ‘Forget-me-not Family’, Ingrid Szauter. It was gratifying to see how well these kids knew the German texts of these songs.

Selling raffle tickets  (Danube Swabian Club)"We are starting them young!" says Ingrid  (Danube Swabian Club)





This was followed by a series of dances performed by various groups of children – some with boys and girls and some with girls only.

...and so charming

The arrival of the birthday cake  (Danube Swabian Club)Hot dogs, fruit juice and ice cream replenished the energy the children had expanded performing their gigs.


And the band plays on  (Danube Swabian Club)The Danube-Swabian Brass band and some members of the Harmonie Brass Show Band bridged musical interludes.


Lending a helping hand  (Danube Swabian Club)Well, they are doing something right – at the "Donauschwaben" – something that should be emulated by other organizations in order to keep our heritage alive in our offspring.


Eggs, Bunnies and kids…

…what a wonderful combination! Where? At Downey’s "Easter Fest" of course. Hundreds of people – most with children – followed Downey’s invitation to collect eggs, had their face painted, viewed and petted farm animals, went on wagon-rides, watched a magician or Cindy Cook’s (from the Polka Dot Door) show on the Easter weekend.

The weather was glorious and the response by the visitors almost overwhelming.

I happened to meet some of our readers at Downey’s Enjoying the showFarm Market that Sunday afternoon and they mentioned that this sort of entertainment is not available anywhere else that they know of. (They knew, because they had read the ad in our paper!)

What a bunny!Kudos to John and Ruth Downey and all the helpful little "Bunnies" – and the big white Rabbit, Cindy Cook and Cindy Cook’s owl - for making this an affair to remember for many youngsters. It is a fair assumption that these kids will be pestering their parents again for another visit – even if it is only to buy Does it spit?fresh produce, watching the goats or petting the animals in the Critter Corral. Since the produce is always "farm-fresh and of great variety – depending on the season – the parents may not require too much persuasion to go to Downey’s for another visit to the market, or the fabulous Wine Boutique where they can taste and select some of the delicious fruit wines that have won Gold and Bronze medals and were selected "Best of Show" at the last prestigious "Toronto Wine and Cheese Show".


Manöverball in Kitchener

Getting ready  (Kinder-Manöverball, Kitchener)This one is for the "Kinder" and "Junior" Guards of the BDDK (Mardi Gras Association) now better known as the Fred Wagner Dance Competition - in honour of the past president of the BDKK – and held on the 26th of April this year.

Initial line-up  (Kinder-Manöverball, Kitchener)Over 150 girls participated in the crowded hall of the Concordia Club in Kitchener. It was quite a sight to see all those wonderful show-dance customs and traditional uniforms, proudly worn by the girls.

Here are the results of the competition of the "Kinder" part of the competition:

Originality: KG Naragonia, Brantford – Show Dance: Narragonia, Brantford followed by KG Narrenzunft, Concordia and KG Blau Weiss, Sarnia.

Kinder - Show Dance

Narragonia, Brantford


GKG Narrhalla '58

KG Loreley


"Tanzmariechen" (Funky) Solo: Narragonia (and Wander Trophy) followed by Blau-Weiss Sarnia and the Narrenzunft from Kitchener.

In the "Guard Dance" segment Narragonia took first place (and Wander Trophy) also followed by Blau-Weiss Sarnia and Kitchener’s Narrenzunft.

Kinder - Guard Dance

KG Ascendia

KG Loreley

Narragonia, Brantford

Narrenzunft Kitchener


Now the results of the "Junior" segment of the competition:

Originality: Narragonia, Brantford – Show Dance: Narragonia on top (plus Wander Trophy) followed by Narrenzunft Concordia, Kitchener and the Treue Husaren, Mississauga in third place.

Junior - Show Dance

Narragonia, Brantford


KG Loreley

Narragonia, Brantford


"Tanzmariechen" Solo: Narragonia on top (and Wander Trophy) with Narrenzunft, Kitchener and Balu-Weiss Sarnia at their heels.

The "Guard Dance" part of the competition held a surprise, while Sarnia followed the Brantford team as a close second, the third place was shared by the Narrenzunft, Kitchener and the Treue Husaren, Mississauga. They were both equally great! Of course Brantford also got the Wander Trophy back again.

Junior - Guard Dance

Narragonia, Brantford

Narrhalla '58

Weiss-Blau Sarnia

Treue Husaren Mississauga


This was also the first year that the girls from the new 1.K.G. Ascendia, Hamilton participated in the competition. I mentioned last year that they would participate.

GKG Narrhalla ’58, Hamilton also participated but couldn’t quite outdo the more experienced competitors. Loreley Club, Oshawa also needs more work, especially the Funky that finished her routine well before the end of her music. Well, nobody is perfect – the answer: practice, practice, and practice again! However, the new black uniforms look great!

But the benefits of a get-together like this are immeasurable. The girls see how important they are, they can measure themselves against their peers, experience a lot of camaraderie, and make a lot of new friendships – some which may last a lifetime.

That alone is worth all the efforts the kids – as well as the parents and other members of carnival societies – put in to make these events successful, to carry on the old traditions and to keep them alive for the future.

Practicing the Makarena  (Kinder-Manöverball, Kitchener)We have pretty well switched totally to English in these carnival advents and have proven that the language is not important – only the spirit is! Kudos to the many, many helpers that toiled in the background – including the dance teachers – who are rarely ever mentioned or are given credit, but are a vital component of the whole endeavour.

This is also the last "Allaaf & Helau for the preceding Mardi Gras Season. See you all again in November, when the 5th season starts all over again! Have a great summer!

As always, Dick Altermann

P.S.: In the last issue I neglected to mention that a great deal of money was contributed by the Hansa Club to send the Hansa Schuhplattler Juniors (Weiss-Blau Bayern – who are also celebrating their 20th anniversary this year) - to Germany later this year, where they will also attend some dance competitions - and that the K. G. Hansa carnival society also contributed a significant amount of money to that worthy cause. However, the camp-followers (parents etc.) will have to pay their own way!


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