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Mayday at Concordia

by Herwig Wandschneider

Herwig Wandschneider

With rain threatening, temperatures at barely tolerable levels, the umbrellas were up, the tables out - and in-side fully occupied, the beer and whatever else was flowing, and the Bandís raffle announcements hardly audible over the din of the festivities.

Picnic on the patio  (Concordia Club)It did not disturb the Stimmung of the Concordia Band in the least. They played German favourites just right for this event, the crowd gulped the beer and delighted in the BBQ sausages and Hamburgers. Drummer, Herb McNeil, dropped his sticks, ran back and forth across the "dance floor", inciting the crowd to fall in with the refrain, then jumped back behind his drums to pick up the beat..

"Stšndchen unterm Maibaum"  (Concordia Club)The Concordia Club even put up a Maibaum for the first time for this event. It all went down like everyone was keen to forget this ridiculously long drawn-out winter, as well as the steady miserable news over the airwaves from every corner of the globe, and get back to having fun.

The young dancers of the Enzian Group gave a heart-warming uplifting dance performance that was sure to bring the sun out.

And when it cooled off, darkness threatening, people streamed inside to carry right on in the warm atmosphere of Die Schenke. Clearly, this will bring this unbelievable weather back to normal. The Concordia Mayday so wills it.


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