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The "Forget-me-nots"…

  Lots of memories  (Danube Swabian Club)…It’s a family affair. Nothing was more clearly demonstrated - at the 10th anniversary party at the Danube-Swabian Club, last Friday – where it all started in April 1993. That was the first public appearance at the brand-new club on the occasion of the "Kindertrachtenfest".

The Stritzls and friendsA full house of fans and supporters attended this anniversary event and no one seemed to mind that it was also a fundraiser for this amazing family group.


The string quartet  (Danube Swabian Club)

Andrea and the pastry buffet  (Danube Swabian Club)During the time when the guests had their Schnitzel dinner and coffee and a huge variety of cakes, the four girls of the "Streichquartett" entertained the guests with familiar tunes from Austria – that brilliantly set the stage for the film biography that was to come later.

Ingrid Szauter  (Danube Swabian Club)Ingrid Szauter, the matriarch and "Oma" to most of the family, opened the proceedings with a welcoming address and thanked some of the most important contributors to the group’s success: Regina Grumme for the wonderful dresses; Willi Platzer for all his help; Tony Baumann, the former president of the club, for the unwavering support and the fact that he made them feel welcome at the "Schwabenklub". Thank you, Toni"It has become our ‘second home’, where we have been bringing our music ever since", she said. But there were so many others that toiled in the background, too many to mention individually, but who all had contributed to their success!

Joe Stritzl, Ingrid Szauter & Maria Stritzl  (Danube Swabian Club)Ingrid Seilern-Szauter had come from her native Austria in 1955 with her folksongs and a love for singing. As her grandchildren grew, she felt the desire to enrich their lives with the Austrian language and culture; and what better way than through her beloved songs. Hence the formation of the "Forget-Me-Not" singers in the summer of 1992. That others would enjoy their music as much as they did came as a pleasant surprise.

Brigitte Wecker  (Danube Swabian Club)After the official welcoming address the lights in the hall dimmed and the audience was treated to movie that depicted the highlights of the past decade. It stared in the present and wound back to the very beginnings of the group.

Featured was the trip to Austria, the visits to castles, the wonderful white stallions of Lipizza, a private reception by the Prince of Liechtenstein, a trip on the "Blue Danube" and a visit with Maria von Trapp at her Inn in Stowe, Vermont. The film flowed back – through time – with many scenes showing the group performing in many venues throughout the world.

It also set the stage for another highlight of the evening where the audience was asked to guess "Who’s that baby??" from a set of baby pictures published in the program pamphlet.

The Forget-me-nots  (Danube Swabian Club)

Of course, that was almost impossible and when pictures of the babies were shown on the screen later, and the grown-ups "babies" came forward to introduce themselves it really came as a great surprise to most of the guests. Nobody had picked all of them right!

Great anticipation  (Danube Swabian Club)Happy Anniversary  (Danube Swabian Club)After another "Thank You" interlude and songs by the group, the anniversary cake was wheeled into the hall and everyone was invited to share a piece of cake with the group.

Toni Baumann

Toni Bergmeier

Christian Klein

Elisabeth Meyer


The evening concluded with addresses and congratulations by various dignitaries and friends of the group under the theme "Your memories of the Forget-me-nots". r.k.a.


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