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Transylvania Club
– Fahnenweihe –

by Herwig Wandschneider

Herwig Wandschneider

It took well over a year to develop the new flag for the Transylvania Club. Detailed research of the homeland’s flag, of the associated symbolism, and of the flag’s relationship to the National Anthem led to the development of the simple yet powerful concept for the new flag. Several designs and re-designs were prepared, before the flag was ready for presentation at the solemn ceremony of the Fahnenweihe.

Celebrating the new flagWhen it was ready, the unveiling of the Flag was executed within a framework worthy of the symbolism with which it would reflect and represent the values of the Club throughout its timeless future. And what a solemn, dignified event it was.

The Siebenbürger Hall was laid out along its walls with all German Länder Flags. Flags of all German Clubs of the area were ceremoniously carried into the Hall, each introduced by Alfred Lowrick, President of the Transylvania Club. One after the other, the old Club Flags were touched to the new flag and each of the Clubs honoured the it by attaching a "Wimpel" to commemorate the event.

The highlight was clearly the unveiling of the flag, during which Gerhard Griebenow, secretary of the club and chair of the flag committee, proudly held a powerful, emotional speech.

He explained: "The flag shows the seven Saxon defence towers on the traditional blue and red shield within a white Maple leaf. Below this you can, on one side, see the motto "Courage, Steadfastness, and Faithfulness", which are three key characteristics embodied by our colours. On the other side you can find our name and our founding year. All of this is presented in front of the red- blue background, which is also the flag of our Siebenburger Saxons.

In heraldry the blue colour symbolizes trustworthiness, honesty, dependability, faithfulness, etc. The red colour stands for strength, passion, energy, love,
etc. The seven defence towers have come to symbolize the 850 year steadfast and self-sufficient existence of the Saxons in Transylvania. The Maple leaf stands for Canada. And the white colour is symbolic for peace and the ability
to mediate."
Following speeches by several senior members of the club and dedication of the Flag by Pfarrer Rink, Alfred Lowrick took proud possession of the flag on behalf of the club and led all flags out of the hall. The ceremony was interspersed with impressive performances by the Club’s Band, Choirs and Dance Groups and ended with a dance to the tunes of the Hofbräuband. The evening was an emotional experience long to be remembered.


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