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CAHPERD Launches New Website For The 2005 Year Of Sport And Physical Education

  (Ottawa) -- The Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD) is excited to launch a new website, devoted entirely to the 2005 International Year of Sport and Physical Education. The new site, www.yearofsportandpe.ca features information on our National and Provincial initiatives, resource and tools, free downloads, a calendar of events and much more. CAHPERD hopes that the new site will act as a hub where everyone participating in the Year of Sport and Physical Education across the country can share resources and events and stay connected!

"This website is putting Canada on the International map as a key participant in the Year of Sport and Physical Education. We hope that other associations, parents, teachers and anyone with a vested interest in improving sport and physical education in our country will visit the site often, and share with us their events and activities," says Andrea Grantham, CAHPERD Director of Communications.

As part of the 2005 International Year of Sport and Physical Education, CAHPERD is also launching its "Keep the Physical in Education" campaign. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to improve the quality and increase the quantity of physical education being provided in Canadian schools.

"Physical education is a primary solution to helping our children deal with the physical inactivity epidemic that exists across our country," says Garth Turtle, president of CAHPERD. "Quality physical education provides children with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits that they need in order to be physically active."

Over the last decade or more, there has been a significant decline in the quality and quantity of school physical education being offered to our children. With a back-to-basics mentality predominant in our school system, physical education has fallen victim to cutbacks in time, resources, and qualified teachers. Most schools in Canada are not providing the recommended national standard of 150 minutes per week of physical education, or even the minimum requirements as set out by their own provincial curricula.

"We have seen the effects of declining quality physical education programs on our children. They are more obese and inactive than ever before, they lack basic physical activity skills, and for the first time ever, our children’s life expectancy is less than that of their parents," says Turtle.
"CAHPERD hopes that its ‘Keep the Physical in Education’ campaign and the new
www.yearofsportandpe.ca website will raise more awareness of the importance of physical education to the healthy development of children, will expose inadequacies that are currently plaguing our system, and will provide the motivation and support that our schools need to make quality physical education available to all children."

Throughout 2005, CAHPERD will be planning a variety of events and activities around its "Keep the Physical in Education" campaign and the 2005 International Year of Sport and Physical Education. Information about these events and activities can be found on the new website:

  • A "Year of Sport and Physical Education" themed calendar that provides schools with monthly activity ideas, school-wide celebrations, and resources to help them celebrate and implement quality physical education programs;

  • Three national "Keep the Physical in Education" theme weeks-one in Winter 2005, one in Spring 2005 and one in Fall 2005 that will provide schools across Canada to participate together in nation-wide activities, challenges, and celebrations;

  • The development of new physical education resources and tools;

  • Awareness tools - PSAs, lobby documents;

  • A Quality Daily Physical Education School Report Card - that will help parents and schools to evaluate the quality of physical education that children are receiving.

In November 2003, the United Nations passed a resolution to declare 2005 as the Year of Sport and Physical Education. CAHPERD has taken the lead in Canada to raise awareness of this important event and to ensure that Canada is on the international map as a key participant.

The Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD) is a national, voluntary organization that advocates for the healthy development of children and youth through quality, school-based health and physical education programs.

We encourage you to visit www.yearofsportandpe.ca often to stay up to date with the latest events and activities planned to celebrate the 2005 International Year of Sport and Physical Education!


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