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Prelude; Act I

Scene i: Mime the Nibelung attempts to forge the remnants of Nothung—bequeathed to Siegfried by his mother Sieglinde—back into a sword, but he is unsuccessful. Mime knows that he must repair Nothung if he ever wants to reclaim the Ring from Fafner, who has turned himself into a dragon. Having raised Siegfried since Sieglinde died in childbirth, Mime has brought him up without companionship, and without knowing fear. Siegfried returns home from hunting a bear. He loses patience with the dwarf, and grabs Mime by the throat, demanding Mime fix his father’s sword. Mime sobs in frustration at being unable to fix Nothung.

Peteris Eglitis & Francis Ginzer - scene from Siegfried

Scene ii: A Wanderer (Wotan) enters Mime’s home. He challenges Mime to a battle of riddles; the winner can claim the loser’s life. Winning handily, the Wanderer spares Mime and tells him that a man who has never learned fear will forge the sword, and it will be he that takes Mime’s life.

Scene iii: Siegfried enters to check on the progress of Nothung, but Mime can think of nothing but the Wanderer’s prophesy. Mime tells Siegfried that he must fight Fafner, the giant who has taken the Rhinemaidens’ gold and turned himself into a dragon, but Siegfried refuses to fight without his sword. Siegfried sets to work on the sword himself. As he re-forges Nothung, Mime makes plans to poison him after his battle with Fafner.

Act II

Scene I: Alberich the Nibelung waits at the mouth of Fafner’s cave for the moment he can reclaim the Ring. The Wanderer approaches Alberich and tells him he has come to witness what happens next. The Wanderer calls to Fafner in his cave and leaves Alberich to his fate.

Scene ii: Alberich hides as Mime and Siegfried reach Fafner’s cave. Mime describes the ghastly Fafner; his poison drool, his twisting tail, his merciless heart. Siegfried is not afraid, and demands Mime leave him. Once Mime is out of sight, Siegfried begins to reminisce about his parents, imagining his mother is speaking to him through a Forest Bird. Cutting a reed, he mimics the bird’s song. Fafner appears. They fight; Siegfried and Nothung make quick work of the shocked Fafner. As Fafner dies, he tells Siegfried about the Ring’s curse. Siegfried accidentally touches Fafner’s blood, which burns; instinctively, he puts his fingers in his mouth. After tasting the blood, he discovers he can understand the Bird’s song. The Forest Bird tells him to take only the magical cap Tarnhelm and the Ring. Siegfried disappears into the cave.

Scene iii: Timidly returning to the mouth of the cave, Mime finds a defiant Alberich waiting for him. The dwarves begin to argue over who will get Tarnhelm and the Ring. The argument is put aside once the brothers see that Siegfried has returned, wearing both Tarnhelm and the Ring. They fade into the background while Siegfried speaks again to the Forest Bird, who tells him that Mime is false and shouldn’t be trusted. Mime walks toward Siegfried and offers him a drink for his thirst. Because of the spell cast by Fafner’s blood, Siegfried hears Mime’s murderous thoughts. With one swing of his sword, Siegfried strikes Mime dead. Lonely, Siegfried wonders how to proceed. The Forest Bird tells Siegfried of a bride up on a mountain, guarded in her sleep by a ring of fire. Only one who has no fear can fight the flames and wake her from sleep. Siegfried starts out for the mountain.


Scene i: The Wanderer wakes the earth goddess Erda from her long slumber. Erda cannot help Wotan, as her power is declining. Wotan finally admits that Erda was right about the end of the world. He allows her to return to her slumber.

Scene ii: The Wanderer intercepts Siegfried at the foot of Brünnhilde’s mountain. Believing this is his last chance to end the destruction, he blocks Siegfried’s way with his spear. Angry and confused, Siegfried shatters the spear. His power now completely gone, the Wanderer gathers the pieces and disappears into darkness.

Scene iii: Siegfried climbs the mountain, flames all around him. He sees a warrior lying sleeping. As he approaches, he sees that the warrior is, in fact, the bride the Forest Bird told him about. Enchanted by her beauty, Siegfried wonders how to wake her. Fear consumes him as he reaches down for a kiss. Brünnhilde awakes, and asks for his name. They marvel at the wonder of their meeting, and proclaim their love. Brünnhilde realizes she has lost her immortality, but chooses to remain with Siegfried, though it may mean her death. They joyously vow to go to their deaths together.

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