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March, 2005 - Nr. 3

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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader

Before I wish you a very Happy Easter I want to brief you on a few issues.

One of them is Zoë’s progress. I know that you will be pleased to hear that she went home with her family, and that her future looks much better now than when she first arrived in Canada last summer. No one knew then if her eye, the last one she could see with, could be saved. Our Sick Children’s Hospital made a miracle happen: She can see and is very happy, as are her parents and the other 5 children.

Miss Danube, Rachel Seilern (r.), hands the envelope with the donations of the Danube Swabian Club's board members to Zoe's family, the Rudek family

As I reported to you, our local efforts raised over 5 thousand dollars in all and the Rudek’s have expressed their gratitude. They especially were amazed with what warmth they were embraced throughout their stay everywhere they went. That we as the German Canadian community also came so strongly to the rescue was a very special bonus for them and gave rise to the hope that the rest of the needed money will also materialize somehow.

We all know that faith can move mountains and thus I give you the still existing account number for Zoë’s eyes again, in the hope that more people contribute to the certainly not finished project.
(Zoe Rudek,
Royal Bank of Ontario,
Transit Number 6742, Account 5125463)

In about 6 month Zoë has to show up here for follow-ups. And while the family is trying to get back to normal in Germany and Mr. Rudek is trying to find gainful employment again, we can still flow a little energy in the form of money to the cause.

We wish the family well and a speedy continued recovery for Zoe.

Eva Wazda & Sybille Forster-Rentmeister with Howard HamptonI attended round table talks with Howard Hampton, NDP. It was an interesting experience sitting close to a party leader and being able to ask him about current affairs. Mr. Hampton has a Swedish heritage to draw from and very strong feelings for the equalisation of all Canadians. That is why he made the effort to sit down with representatives of the ethnic press. And while it can be said that any party in opposition of the governing party has an easy time of having all the answers, it must also be said that this opposition has to make the most of watching the powers that are, so democracy can flourish and prosper.

Mr. Hampton demonstrated that he was very well informed on all issues that were touched on and gave full and in depth answers to all queries. He is following a growing trend in this country to pay more attention to the visible and invisible minorities.

On another note: We received quite a few wonderful Easter poems, but most of them do not really reflect our Canadian reality. That is why we chose to create this front page for you in the snow. Hopefully by the time Easter is actually upon us it will have melted and made room for at least green grass.

I can dream, can I not?

Regardless of that I wish you all a very Happy Easter!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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