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Energy Boost
with Rhodiola, Cordyceps and Ginseng

  Uplift your lifestyle.
Enhance Sport and Work Performance.

Potential benefits of Energy Boost

  • Increased Energy and Mental Alertness

  • Increase Memory and Attention Span

  • Improve Mood and Aid Depression

  • Increase Strength and Mobility

  • Aid with Weight Management

Couldn't we all use a natural performance and endurance lift? Gain a competitive edge in sport or work, or just breeze through another long and hectic day. Even those of us with high energy levels during the morning start to wain a little by 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. By the time dinner is done - so are we. It seems there is never enough energy to do all the things in life we dream to achieve and enjoy.

For others, poor diet, dehydration and the ever increasing load of stress and the body's eventual inability to handle it can lead to chronic fatigue, stress, sluggishness, low motivation, muscle weakness, excessive sleeping, poor memory and even brain cloud.

Naka's Energy Boost is an effective, herbal formula designed to invigorate the body and mind with powerful herbal adaptogens beneficial for increasing resistance to the multitude of life's everyday stresses.

The Power of Adaptogens

Serious research on adaptogens began in 1947 under the auspices of Dr. Nicole Laserev from Russia. He reported several indigenous plants that helped increase the body's natural resistance to environmental stresses and later coined them "adaptogens".

Adaptogens like Rhodiola Rosea, Cordyceps, Siberian Ginseng and Panax Ginseng included in the Energy Boost formula are nature's rare and invaluable healing solutions.

Why? In simple terms adaptogens help the body adapt naturally to cope with and reduce stress. They promote the normalizing of body functions while allowing the continuation of normal physiological function. Explaining the effects of adaptogens is difficult since they influence each individual differently. For example, they are not stimulants but if you are mentally exhausted or physically fatigued the adaptogens will help you feel more energetic, vitalized and full of zest for life. Similarly, adaptogens are not tranquilizers, but should you be stressed-out, or emotionally tired, and not coping with life, they will help you relax and provide a calming effect.

Adaptogens also provide powerful antioxidants, to help the body fight free radicals and prevent cell degeneration, cancer and ageing. To be considered an adaptogen a plant must also be, effective, non-toxic and absolutely harmless to the body. Adaptogens have been studied and tested by various academies, institutes and sports agencies. They contain no drugs, preservatives or banned substances. Adaptogens are not banned by any international sports.

Medicinal Herbs

Found in the Polar Arctic Regions of Eastern Siberia, Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic herb that possesses extraordinary medicinal benefits.

It's quickly becoming one of the most cutting edge nutraceuticals for energy and mood elevation, mental alertness, sports performance and weight management.

Energy and Mood, Sports Performance

Used by Russian athletes and cosmonauts to enhance mental and physical performance, Rhodiola is cardio protective, normalizing the heart rate immediately after intense exercise. It also improves the nervous system and mental functions such as memory, by increasing blood supply to the muscles and brain. It also increases protein synthesis.

Researched since 1931 by scientists and nutritionists, Rhodiola Rosea increases the body's resistance to varying environmental stresses in part by calming the sympathetic (flight or fight) nervous system. Test subjects showed an improvement in their general physical and mental state after taking only 100 mgs a day. It was found that patients with depression had a positive response by optimizing serotonin & dopamine levels, as well as, other neurotransmitters.

Rhodiola rosea has extraordinary pharmacological properties as an anti-mutagen and antidepressive agent. In this respect it is a much more powerful adaptogen than others and more effective than St. John's Wort and Ginkgo Biloba. In a clinical trial, two-thirds of 150 individuals suffering from depression who took Rhodiola Rosea extract for a period of one month had full remission of clinical manifestations of depression and weakness.

Weight Loss

Rhodiola Rosea contains people essential contains two essential elements needed by most people to lose weight and truly feel great, naturally. It has the ability to lift the stress that causes your body to crave foods of comfort and store more fat. It also activates adipose lipase, a key enzyme required to burn the body's fat stores.


Cordyceps Mushroom is a potent antioxidant typically used to enhance physical performance. It also an aid to increase energy, improve work performance and physical endurance. It also aics the body in coping with stress.

Cordyceps captured the world's attention i1993 when a group of Chinese athletes broke nine world records in the World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Germany. Afterwards the coach attributed their outstanding performance results to the use of Cordyceps. It is now used as one of the top selling sports supplements amongst the worlds elite competitive athletes for increasing stamina energy levels and endurance It is also used clinically for chronic fatigue, cancer and respiratory conditions.

Many of the compounds in Cordyceps and other mushrooms are classified as Host Defense Potentiators (HDP). These compounds target the human immune system, as well as, aid in neurotransmissions, metabolism and the transport nutrients and oxygen.

Do the Ginseng jump!

Both Siberian and Panax Ginseng adaptogens included in the Energy Boost formula. Siberian Ginseng is useful for maintaining goo= health, improving mental resilience and physic resistance to stress from over-work and long-term stress. Panax Ginseng is well known for its ability improve stamina and help the body adapt to and improve resistance to stress.

To be found in all stores supplying Naka's health products.


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