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Klaus Woerner
– "A Celebration of Life" –

by Herwig Wandschneider

Herwig WandschneiderThat was the heading for the remembrance of a very special man on Saturday, February 12th at Kitchener’s Centre in the Square. If it seems to be a bit odd to write about this event nearly four weeks later – the explanation is simple. Mr. Woerner was a very special man, adored and admired by family, colleagues, employees, suppliers, clients and the entire Community in which he lived and worked. Here in K-W / Cambridge and worldwide. This was well expressed during the ceremony and by everyone I spoke to during the many individual remembrance conversations which followed over hors d’oeuvres and wine. Klaus Woerner will be remembered – period. And not just for a month or two.

Klaus Woerner remembered  [photo: Herwig Wandschneider]

People came from everywhere to participate on this day of remembrance and spoke of him with reverence and admiration. Not only from the far corners of Canada, but also from the USA and outside of North America. In all, an estimated 1,800 people were there to pay their respects and honour the man, who did so much for so many people and places.

A lot was said about his professional vision and his ability to grow ATS (Automation Tooling Systems Inc.) from nothing to over 4000 employees worldwide in less than 30 years. About his and the family’s philanthropic nature. About his dedication to the family and his tough, but personable attitudes.

It is difficult to say, who benefited the most from his rather short, if unusually active, time on this earth. From a very personal perspective, it had to be the communities of K-W and Cambridge. Because this is where he personally lived and worked and, together with his wife Anna and ATS made a very significant contribution to the growth of the region’s economy, its lifestyle and culture.

For a newcomer to the region, there is an almost instant recognition that there is a community spirit. The feeling of belonging to this region develops here more quickly than most other places of this size in Canada or elsewhere. One soon learns that one of the reasons for this is the contribution of individuals and families such as that of Klaus Woerner to cultural events, to the people-friendly environment, to recreational and health facilities, to walkways and play areas for young and old. In other words to make this area a worthwhile place to live, work and play. What local Municipalities do not or cannot do, is taken on by those, who value people and their need for relaxation, culture and recreation, particularly in today’s fast-moving times.

The K-W Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Howard Dyck, the Centre in the Square, and the many other people and institutions, who volunteered their time (without pay) to this "Celebration of Life" are commended for expressing their respect and appreciation of Klaus Woerner’s contribution in this fashion. Yet, one could not help but come away from the "Celebration of Life" with the distinct feeling that Klaus Woerner’s life should have been more publicly celebrated during his lifetime. No doubt, he received extensive recognition in increments for each of the contributions he made. But the people of the region should recognize the man, who contributed so much to the quality of their life, in person and in grandiose style. And that with the spirit of happiness, unconstrained by the incredible sadness of the early passing, which everyone at the "Celebration of Life" must have felt.

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